About Me


Writing is my favorite way to communicate.  It's a creative and therapeutic outlet for me.

The World is My Lab

I'm fascinated by the ways our inner and outer worlds function.  Power exchanges, interactions & gaps fuel my writing.


I want to challenge the status quo, dismantle systems of oppression & invite readers to pause and reconsider.

Books by Anna

In Me We Trust: A Discovery of Self After Sexual Trauma


My debut publication is a memoir that chronicles my recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after being raped by a friend.   The primary setting is in my therapist's office.  Readers will be left with an understanding of the mental health field and a sense of hope that the brain, body and heart can heal and thrive after sexual trauma.

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eBooks are also available at Amazon and other major online retailers. Print books are also available at IFS Institute online store.  

The Readers section of my website offers resources about crisis response, sexual trauma recovery, mental health and more.

Mental Health Education Press published my memoir.